Why Open Air Photo Booths Are The Best

When I think of photo booths, I think of the days where you go to a mall and you pull open a curtain to go inside a little confined box and take a photo with your friends. Fast forward to present day, photo booths have come a long way. While that style was cool back then, it's probably not ideal for your event/wedding and here are some reasons why an open air photo booth rental would be best for your next event!


Squad Up

Whenever there is an corporate event, birthday party, celebration party, wedding, etc, chances are there will be a lot of people there. An open air photo booth provides an ample amount of space so your entire squad can be there with you, taking photos.


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Since an open air photo booth rental will give you so much space, lighting will also be great. This kind of setup allows us to almost replicate a photography studio. Since there is so much space available, we can set up a light with an umbrella giving off evenly distributed, flattering light onto your guests, making photos very flattering.


Sleek Design

Our camera, computer, and printer are all packaged into a housing that has a seamless, sleek and modern look. Everything is housed in a tower that is easy to assemble and break down. Our setup will blend into any environment really well. No need for a really big photo booth that takes up space and normally doesn't look good.


Custom Backdrops

An open air photo booth allows you to get really creative. Whether you want your name written on the backdrop, having a wall full of paper flowers, or having the Eiffel tower in the background, an open air booth can handle it. You can also have really big obnoxious props too and they wouldn't really get in the way.