6 Tips for Wedding Photo Booths

6 Tips Wedding Photo Booth.jpg
  1. Pick a open photo booth setup
    Closed off photo booths are good if you want pictures of you and one friend, maybe two. An open photo booth setup allows you to have a bunch of people in the photo (as many as 13!), positioning the booth at the venue is easier, and lighting tends to be a lot more flattering.

  2. Good lighting
    Good lighting is SO important if you want good looking photos. You want a nice umbrella where light bounces off of, giving a ton of flattering light onto the guests producing high quality photos.

  3. Make sure there's an attendant
    An attendant will help get the party started. An attendant will help encourage guests to take photos and also troubleshoot any issues that arises.

  4. Choose your location wisely
    Sometimes space can be limited at your venue. However, you want people to enjoy the photo booth so don't place it far away from where all the action is. From our experience, somewhere near the dance floor is the perfect place.

  5. Get a guestbook
    Having a guestbook made is a great way to look back at your event and see how much fun all your guests are having. Guests will take a photo, have it printed, stick it in the guestbook, and write something nice in it.

  6. Be creative with a backdrop
    Sometimes people want to be different and have a custom backdrop. Have fun with it and be creative. Paper flowers seem to be the new trend.