5 Reasons You Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

5 Reasons Need Photo Booth Wedding.jpg

Photo booths has been the trend for the past couple of years at weddings. 90% of the weddings that I have attended have had a photo booth of some sort. People love taking photos with their friends and families and as the day/night goes on, people start letting loose and it's amazing to see how much fun people have with photo booths. There's so much value to having a photo booth at your wedding and if you're unsure about a photo booth, here are a couple of reasons why you should book one:

  1. Entertainment Value
    During the entire course of a wedding, there will be some down time and this is a great way to let your guests have fun. While the alcohol is flowing and the DJ is playing great jams, not every guest will be comfortable going on the dance floor to dance. However, everyone loves to take photos and people of all ages can participate in this!

  2. Great Party Favors
    You ever go to a wedding where the thank you gift is a shot glass or a bag of candy? How about having your guests leave with a personalized photograph of themselves with their family and friends? They get to keep something that will remind them of how much fun they had at your wedding and they will probably post it on their fridge/desk for months or years to come! The beauty of these photographs are that they can be fully customized to your liking!

  3. Ice Breaker
    You are creating the seating chart and sometimes you have to seat people with people they don't know and it can be awkward. This can give people a reason to socialize with each other and who knows, they might become really good friends!

  4. Memories
    Your professional photographer will capture all the special moments. Everything from your first kiss, first dance, first cake cut will all be documented. What they won't capture is your aunt grabbing some large sunglasses with a feather boa making cheesy faces and a peace sign. A photo booth at your wedding will capture and instantly print a keepsake for all your guests.

  5. Let Loose
    Something about a photo booth where people will do the most silliest things. Grab your mom and dad and take photos with your families, or get all the bridesmaids or groomsman and have a big silly photo shoot!